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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 16, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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there's a search under way to find it. take a look. this is the plane we are talking about. it's a single engine cza 40 with the tail number november 7 2 alpha hotel. it left half man bay this morning and hasn't been seen since. this is what we know. the fixed wing craft departed half machine bay about 6:00 a.m. this morning. scheduled for fuel stop in apple valley, california. final destination was scheduled for regional airport in tucson, arizona. now the plane came to the attention of authorities after it was reported missing by the pilot's wife. she became concerned when he didn't show up for a scheduled fuel stop. now officials in arizona half moon bay have been lacking for the plane but so far have come up empty. now the craft seats 2 but it wasn't medley clear if he was traveling alon alone. now the faa for their part are lacking both here and in arizona and 50 mile radius around both airports. they are asking that anyone with
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information contact authorities medley. again, that tail number november 7 2 alpha hote hotel. again anyone with any information at all is ken urged to contact authorities. live in half machine bay. >> it's anxious night there thank you very much gentleman moving on now. a crucial night for the giants. they tied it up here at home tonight against the cardinals one game appease sfv fans were ecstatic tonight. last thing they wented was to see the giants down first 2 games of the series. larry is here and they got off to great start. >> that was the key in tonight game. big win for the giants but may have lost second baseman marco in the play offs. a lot of controversy as holiday slides into him overly aggressive well past second base. he suffered a hip injury and would have to leave the game later but before he left marco delivered a sing well bases loaded in the fourth. holiday boots it. 3 run score. giants go on to we know 7-1
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and even up the national league championship series game appease x-ray were negative. have an mri tomorrow and see if he can go in game 3 wednesday in st. louis. of lillian kim is at the ballpark right now. i know you were samantha samantha runnioned by a sea of orange tonight. >>reporter: the larry i have to tell you it's a lot more fun covering these games when the giants win. last night fans left the ballpark pretty quiet. that wasn't the case tonight. [ yelling] for giants fans this game 2 victory was a big deal because for the first time this season they can leave the park happy. of. >> we haven't won at home in the home play offs. we are going to the world series. the program. >>reporter: giants fans went that tonight's game not calling it a must win but they did sound pretty desperate. >> we have to pull this out
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because wow! yesterday was not pretty. i'm hoping today is a much better day. >> it will make it a little bit psychologically easier for everybody i think. >>reporter: people brought the lucky charms from shoes. >> win most of the gyms guys to. >>reporter: to yesterday 8. who wouldn't want a master at the baseball games. >>reporter: over the top outfits would make the difference they hoped. >> i am super fan and i ams all about orange october. >>reporter: all paid off. giants scored in the first inning then built a strong lead in the fourth. those who waichtd unfold in the free viewing section had a sigh of relief. his daughter had a hunch. >> she told me to come in the fourth fifth and sixth and that's when we scored the runs. this is for me. >>reporter: giants need to win 3 more games but after tonight fans say the outlook much brighter. >> going down o-2 would not be good for us. taking one split and going st. louis and win on the road we are a good road
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team. >>reporter: well, game 3 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. wouldn't be surprised if somel in sick that day to watch it on tv. live in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> some fans maybe some reporters there lil i don't know. thanks very much. nasty job. now she will be at work i know. just as soon as fans got out of the game it was just grid lock. here you see south bound highway 101 backing up. major crash involving number of injuries blocked traffic for hours. all lanes are now reopened. >> you need to win 4 games out of 7 to take the championship series so the next 3 games are all in santa louis. game 3 lillian said is this wednesday starts at 1:07 pacific time. thursday game 4 starts at 5:07 pacific time. night game. on friday game 5 also began 5:07 pacific time. port of oakland hired outside help to investigate its stripper scandal. recently rae
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leased public records show maritime operation director james kwan spent 4500 dollars at huh stop strip club back in 2008. kwan posted a dozen shipping industry executives at club called treasures. tonight the port of oakland commissioners held a special session to talk about the next move here. they decided to hire independent counsel to help figure out washington legal steps they may need to take. they have also begun an investigation into port expenditures generally. >> everyone will be held accountable would has been guilty of anything improper or inappropriate at the port. >>reporter: kwan is currently in china at another port conference. he's aware there's now an investigation into his past expenditures. judge in maine ruled today he will not keep the names of more than 150 johns private. the men are all accused of paying fitness instructor for sex in her studio police released 21 of the names today.
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l miss wright pleaded not guilty to 106 counts of prostitution. one person wept to the hospital after a muni cable car trolley crashed into a car late today in san francisco. the 2 vehicles collided about 5:35 today at the corner of washington street and embarcadero one person in the car was taken to the hospital. 2 children in the car we are glad to tell you were not hurt. new at 11:00. man in sonoma wanted for exposing himself in public now in custody. sonoma police say the man dropped his pants inside a cvs open september 15. they believe the same man exposed himself at safeway sonoma market on the 28th. tonight they arrested 59-year-old richard hudson. he was booked on one count of annoying or molest ago person under 18 years old and 3 counts of indecent exposure. san jose police say tonight this is the 56-year-old woman accused in a serial arson case.
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officers arrested her saturday night. they say she was in the process of setting another trash canon fire on manor lane when busted. authorities have been staking out the area since lace september with suspicious fires started breaking out in the enabled. in all 11 fierce were set. no homes or structures were damaged during any of this. well it's a very warm day around northern california and bay area. sandy is here with a look at doppler 7 hd. >> yes dan. when you look at live doppler 7 hd you see the fog coverage is very limited tonight. now tomorrow morning as you head out the door give yourself a little more time. you are going to likely run into some areas of dense fog much like this morning. temperatures at this hour check these numbers out. it's hard to believe but still 70 degrees in santa rosa. 75 in antioch. temperatures running anywhere from about 2 to 15 degrees warmer than at this time 24 hours ago so when you go out
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the door tomorrow it's going to be a mild start to your morning but once again give yourself a little extra time. we have dense fog developing towards the morning hours and then we talk about some serious heat. back with the temperatures in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. busy night up next. hillary clinton takes the blame. why the secretary of state is taking responsibility for the attack in libya that claim the life of a u.s. diplomat among others. >> more americans at risk tonight. new trouble at the lab at the center of amen jits outbreak. >> and san francisco takes a shot at hosting the superbowl. all that coming up. then later on "nightline". >> the coming up next on nightline. flaming hot controversy one spicey snack food cause as fire storm in schools. why it's the war on salt that is keeping it out of kids luchlings. >> man who says he can >> man who says he can
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>> tonight hillary clinton is taking the blame for the security lapses during a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in will he be why. 4 americans
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were killed including ambassador christopher stevens on september 11. today clinton said communication was confusing that night. last month. ultimately the security decisions were hers to make. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000 plus people all over the world. 275 posts. the president and the vice president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >>reporter: the group responsible for the attack may connected to al qaeda. today the white house launched drones in north after can to track them down. >> well, secretary clinton will not be among those attend ago public memorial forum ambassador stevens tomorrow in san francisco. his memorial will be held in the rotunda at san francisco city hall at 4:30 p.m. senator feinstein and libya ambassador to the u.s. are expected to attend. stevens grew up in piedmont and graduate from uc berkeley and hastings school of law. strong
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bay area tie that's why the memorial is being held here. tv and voice your vote president says to expect a stronger fight from him tomorrow nature. mr. obama and mitt romney in seclusion tonight prepping for debate no. 2. town hall meeting at the university on long island new york. in the absence of husband the candidate wives were on campaign trail today and mrs. obama challenged to fight for every vote and romney in pennsylvania telling the crowd how happy she is with the republican candidate performance in the first the debate. tomorrow is highly anticipated. presidential debate tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock. we will carry it live here on abc 7 news. hope you can joan us. >> more americans at risk tonight from a meningitis outbreak. 15 people have died. doctors have seen 214 cases. regulators link the outbreak to a steroids used for spinal injections. now they believe
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the other 3 other drugs made by the same manufacturer could help spread meningitis. the drugs are used for eye and open heart surgery. doctors have been ordered to contact all patients who may have been affected. well, tomorrow we will find out if san francisco is in the running to host upcoming superbowl. nfl will decide if san francisco has a shot at this. plan would mean the 2016 maybe 20 17 superbowl is played at the new niner stadium in santa clara. however san francisco would host most of the week events. city 2 marries tell us they collaborated so that they would both benefit. >> we know that in cities like new orleans and new york and others who have hosted soup bowls they mean something in between 300 to 500 million dollars in economic impact for the whole region. >> remember no matter where you are and where you party you come to santa clara to play. >> last time san francisco hosted the superbowl the nippers played in it. 1985
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game was actually played at stanford as you may recall. by the way while talking football. we will carry the forty-niner game live on thursday. here's our thursday line up for you at 4:00 o'clock we have an hour long pre-game show featuring 49ers legend jerry rice and brent jones. game time is 5:00 o'clock. niners host the seattle seahawks. that's followed by special edition of after the game where we give away 49,000 dollars to someone who likes us on our facebook page. sandy has more information about that in just a moment after her weather forecast but looks lick it's awfully toasty for the game on thursday. >> sure is. so if heading to the game talking to you viewers out there absolutely beautiful weather. short sleeve shirts that will do it. great looking weather. this morning not so grit. this is a photo that was posted by my face book page. she said it was the worst fog of the year this morning in san carlos. this is what you will
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likely be facing tomorrow morning in patches so watch out for the dense fog. let's check out live doppler 7 hd rate now and show you where we are seeing some clouds and some fog developing. it's very patchy along the san francisco san mateo county coast right now. we have mid high level clouds moving in across the north bay right now. to the north of this year so far 62 hundredths inch of rain in crescent city. still raining right here and this is all due to a system that is moving in i'll show you that in a moment. fog in the coast. morning ride. mild to warm tomorrow afternoon. we look at warm to hot conditions wednesday and thursday. today high pressure range from 66 half moon bay to 84 degrees in fairfield. taking the numbers up as we head that to. pacific satellite picture. this is cold front we are watching. it's not going to bring us any rain. we see high pressure expanding and this is what is going to bring us the warmer weather. but watch our computer animation. that
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system stays to the north of u us. may bring few drops to places lake ukiah or clear lake but not much affect on us. high pressure build in tom behind it and whipped changes direction and warm dry wind and when it happens we see the temperatures really start to crank up especially wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon. right now not a red flag warning or anything but with the gusty offshore winds low humidity and dry fuel we may talking about critical fire weather conditions over the higher elevations come wednesday and thursday. so stay tune. tomorrow morning temperatures start out in the mild side. mid 50's to low 60's. definitely give yourself a little more time. there will be some watches of dense fog along the coast especially if the travels take you there. tomorrow afternoon south bay location warm 82 in campbell. 82 in san jose. 83 los gatos. upper 70's sunnyvale milpitas and 78 degrees look at the coast. this is one of the warmest times of year.
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pacifica hitting 68 tomorrow afternoon. 73 in downtown san francisco. 72 south san francisco. north bay community 60's coast side get you up into the mid 80's. calistoga, santa rosa, 82 sap are fell. east bay really nasty day. 78 in oakland. 78 for union city. inland communities on the warm side as well. 85 in livermore. 87 antioch. if you think this is warm just wait until you see what is coming on the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 81 in santa cruz. 85 in gilro gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast. warm-up continues wed. low 90's inland. mid 70's coast. on thursday temperatures hit the peek. 92 inland 76 on the coast when the 49ers will be hosting the seahawks and we give away 4 49,000 dollars. all right go with a cooler forecast dropping to the 80's. in 3 day we give away 49,000 dollars. whipper announced right after the forty-niner game rate here on abc 7 news on october 18. you can still enter through facebook page. go to this site
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and click the win 49,000 dollar button. that will take you to the on line forum where you can enter all the details. mike will be here before 7:00 a.m. to get people out the door updating the temperatures. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. cranberry cure. why scientist say a cure. why scientist say a popular folk remedy
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>> new at 11. report says that forget whether your mother told you about drinking duran berry jaws to cure bladder orchid any infection. review of more than 4400 people find the benefits of drinking cranberry juice to prevent those kind of infectio infections is actually very small. cranberry have been thought to prevent urinary tract infection by keeping bacteria why from sticking to the wall of the bladder but researchers say that women would need to drink 2 goods as day for long periods to prevent even one infection. well, good news is that we are living longer than ever before. in fact researchers in some cultures say 70 is the new 30. new study shows human life
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span took a huge jump in the past century. researchers say the trends are almost soley from environmental improvement. instead of gentlemen need ick. japan likelihood of 72-year-old modern day person dying is the same as the 30-year-old hunter gatherer ancestors. study percent in the proceeding of national academy of science. which means larry will be around to see many, many many world series wins for the sdwrints. >> yes. keep working for decades longer. >> you are just getting starte started. >> of we'll see. happy but concerned. the giants get the win but nobody is happy about the flies. took out marcos. was this a dirty play. hear was this a dirty play. hear what buster thinks about it.
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is good evening. now we have a series. and some hostility. holiday take out slide of giants marco get spwechbilitys fans pumped up and ready for game 2 with the car nationals. controversy in the first innin inning. holiday sliding late and well past second business to take out scooter. he wished he didn't did it. angel ladies off with become off carpenter. giants on top 1 to nothing. great given the way they played
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at home in the play offs. 4th inning high chopper. throw to first is off line. error allows this skr and giants up 2-1. still in the fourth. park goodbye. single for the base loaded. holiday misplay and clears the bases. he would later leave. after the fifth with injured hip. first giants pitcher this post season so last past the 6th inning allows 7. giants pad the lead in the eighth when ryan with bases loaded 2 more score. giants win and even the series at a game appease and everybody is talking about the slide into him. >> i thought it was late. i don't think there's any question it was late. i'm sure the intent wasn't to hurt him but it was definitely late. >> felt a little bit of anger. haven't seen the remy so i can't young whether it was dirty or not but any time you
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see a teammate fall down like that you really feel for them. >> does a lot for the team especially in the clubhouse and continue to play and couple big knock after that, he was happy when he walked off. my game had a little smile on the face he would be back. so definitely not really worried right now. >>reporter: all right see if he can go game free 107:p.m. broncos sign peyton. down at the san diego completely dominated early. rivers tight end gates 51 tv connection and that's an nfl record. charters tled led 24 zip. to gorgeous grab. broncos take the lead with over 2 minutes to go harris enter accepts rivers and taking it back all the way. rivers through 4


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